Backyard Wedding

Small outdoor wedding on the lake

Making something small in scale doesn’t deplete its value. Splurge on the small details and reap the rewards! Those are Midwest values that our event rentals have always striven for. Below: how one couple revamped during the pandemic.

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Kirsten and Dan’s 2020 wedding date was only postponed two weeks, but was 235 guests shy of their original 250 guest count due to social distancing regulations. Their photographer, Maison Meredith, shared images with us afterwards and we were so impressed with their intimate ceremony and reception. See for yourself and read Kirsten’s Q & A below. They have big plans up their sleeve for 2021!  
“Next year, around our one year anniversary, we will host a vow renewal and reception at our original venue.”

Q: Tell us your story. What was your original plan? How did it change?A: The most important thing for us was to still tie the knot this year! We ended up getting married in a family friend’s backyard overlooking lake Mendota. We opted for an intimate 15 person wedding with our immediate families. Next year, around our one year anniversary, we will host a vow renewal and reception at our original venue. I’m very excited to keep planning that as it will be a less formal event now—We’ll have all the necessities: food trucks, bar and a band!

Q: Any advice you have for other brides planning a wedding right now? 
A: Go with the flow and remember the whole reason for this day — you and your partner officially getting married. It’s ok if everything isn’t perfect; believe me, you won’t notice, and it will all work out.

  Q: We understand you still plan to have a larger reception next summer. Any feedback for ALC after this experience? What can we do to better serve you?A: ALC was fantastic and very flexible given all the uncertainty for this year (date changes, rental needs changing) and we really appreciate you being flexible for our needs next year since what we’ll be renting will be changing a bit. Contactless drop off and pick up worked like a charm.

Q: What surprised you most about having a small wedding?
A: I was surprised how big and fulfilling our 15 person wedding felt. Our officiant, a family member, didn’t need a microphone, we all got to eat dinner at the same table, and we could spend quality time with everyone there and recognize family as the most important thing in our past and our future. Though there are many people we wish could have celebrated with us, our day was absolutely perfect and we are looking forward to celebrating with everyone next year! Additionally, having a smaller wedding allowed us to focus on the details a little more (something you can’t do with a 250 person wedding) and I felt less guilty splurging on a few things. 🙂

VENDORS   |  Floral: Daffodil Parker, Hair/makeup: Arch Apothecary, Cake: Bloom Bake Shop, Catering/bartending: private chef (John Williams), Photography: Maison Meredith