Fruit Preserve Island

What a gorgeous Wisconsin weekend! We had the privilege of styling Sara and Nick’s “fruit preserve island” for their wedding and wanted to share the finished product with you (sorry…just photos, not the actual jams)! Sara’s mom, Marian, made 150 jars of fruit preserves as favors for the guests! Amazing, right?!

I forget every year to even just go PICK strawberries, yet alone make homemade jam from them. She then cut fabric circles for each jar and tied twine around the lids with paper labels for guests to write their names on as place cards. The custom sign we wrote for Sara and Nick read, “We’re all family here! Write your name on a jar and have a seat!”. Such a great way to combine a favor and a place card into one. When we originally met at the A La Crate warehouse back in April, we brainstormed and mocked up different display approaches. With just a few of our crates and a table from their venue (Hilltop in Spring Green, WI), we were able to bring the cascading island of fruit preserves to life. Marian brought from home some of her rhubarb leaves and fresh market berries that we hand placed in blue pulp fruit baskets layered with a product called natural excelsior moss. The fresh produce, pop of blue and one of our vintage linens helped break up the table a bit. I hope the guests enjoyed the preserves and appreciated all of the time, energy and love that Marian put into each one. I’m positive they did! Marian, you inspired me to go strawberry picking! …Oh wait…rumor has it I missed it again! Next year for sure. – Sarah