The Sherman Wedding

This summer we had the opportunity to work with two great friends of ours, helping to bring their vision of rustic elegance to life.

With a moodboard of images she liked, Kristal and I were able to run around the shop and grab pieces to create a mock table. “What if…?” became a common phrase…followed by clapping.

When the morning of the wedding rolled around, we got busy building an island of mason jars for the happy hour using sewing drawers and milk crates. For the sit-down dinner Kristal incorporated our amber glass jars, driftwood centerpieces, table numbers, and mismatched plates. Hammered aluminum lazy susans and trays were used at the dessert bar, and more jars and wash basin tubs were sent down to the pavillion for the reception.

It was an absolutely beautiful event and wonderful experience working with Kristal, Justin and their families!

*Photo credit: Woodnote