DIY: Wedding Chandelier

DIY Rustic Wedding Chandelier

To start out you will need the following items (also pictured below):

From A LA CRATE: Rustic Metal Chandelier, $35

DIY Rustic Chandelier

Non ALC items:
1 package of LED Candles, $14.99 at Michael’s
1 ball of twine, $2.99 at Michael’s
3 packages each of Rosemary, Mint, and Sage, 2 for $4 at Hy-Vee (they were on sale)
1-2 bunches of white wax flowers, or something similar, $2.99 at Trader Joe’s
12 clear mason jars (if you are like us, hopefully you already have these in your pantry!…otherwise in the spring they are always on sale at Target or your local hardware store)

A La Crate Ingredients

The first step is to make 8 herb bouquets. I started with a little bunch of the wax flowers to give it some bulk and then filled it in with the herbs. Once you have your bouquet together, you can tie it off on the bottom with a piece of twine. Also, make sure to snip the ends so that the bottom of the bouquet looks neat.

A La Crate Step by Step Instructions

Next, take another piece of twine and loop it through the back of the first tie. This gives you something to tie the bunches to the chandelier.

Vintage Rentals How to Tie the Knots

Once you have your bouquets made, you can go ahead and tie all of them on to the chandelier – making sure to space them out so you have room to tie the bell jars between them. You can hang them evenly or unevenly – either way looks pretty! Also, at this step you can snip the ends of any excess twine.

A La Crate Vintage Rentals Tying The Knots

Top Down Perspective of ALC Chandelier

Once you have all the bouquets hung, you can start with your mason jars. First, tie some twine on each bell jar – I just did a little looped knot on the top. I used 2-3 foot pieces of twine and then trimmed the ends once they were hung.

ALC Vintage Rentals Twine on Mason Jars

Then, you can tie each jar onto the chandelier in between the bouquets. We tied ours at different lengths so that the bell jars hung a bit unevenly.

ALC Vintage Rentals Tying on to Chandelier

Once you have all the jars tied on, you can put the candles in the jars (if you plan to hang the chandelier and use it right away, I suggest turning on the candles first). We used LED candles and were very pleased with how realistic they looked once hung.

ALC Vintage Rentals Lighting Candles

Finally, take the remainder of your wax flowers and gently tie them to the top rim of the chandelier. This nicely conceals the knots from hanging the bouquets and jars and adds the final touch to this romantic chandelier.

ALC Vintage Rentals Final Steps

If you didn’t see our last post, here is how the chandelier looks:

A La Crate Vintage Rentals Ceremony DIY Idea

As a final note, there is a chain on the top of the chandelier that you can use to hang it. You could also add some additional rope if necessary to create the exact length needed!

Have fun!

Thank you to Urban Anchor Photography for documenting our DIY!