Featured Item: Antlers!

{Photo courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes}

Antlers are all the rage these days.  From tee shirts to jewelry to above my mantel, antlers add an earthy, edgy vibe to a whole lot of life’s simple pleasures.  This got us thinking, here at Á LA CRATE, that there are likely a whole lot of options for how the uber-cool antlers in our inventory could be used for a variety of events and photo shoots.  For this post, since wedding season is upon us, we decided to hone in on how our brides and grooms can use them for their upcoming nuptials!  And let me tell you, once I started hunting the world wide web for the most current wedding trends involving antlers, I got pretty excited about using them as our very first ‘Featured Item’ post on the recently re-vamped ALC blog.

By the way, I am Chloe, a local freelance blogger and stylist that Sarah and Jeff recently hired to contribute to their blog. I’m pretty much beyond excited to be part of the ALC team! Working with such creative people has my right brain kicking into overdrive.  But enough about me, let’s get back to antlers!

The first thing I found online that struck my fancy was using antlers in the bridal bouquet.  What a great way to take a very traditional wedding symbol and turn it on its head.

{Photos courtesy of Arizona Brides, Apple Brides, and Erica Elizabeth Designs}

Next, I fell madly in love with the idea of using antlers as a photo prop (either for the official wedding photos or in a photo booth at the reception).  Weddings are supposed to be fun, right?

{Photos courtesy of Green Wedding ShoesRustic Wedding Chic}

This bohemian bride had a trés cool DIY idea to wrap hers in yarn …

{Photo courtesy of Free People}

Being a fashion stylist, this of course led me to another lovely DIY idea that got my heart going pitter-patter. This is probably for the more adventurous bride who is willing to get a little crazy with her wedding style, but an antler headband?  Brilliant.

{Photo courtesy of Rock N Roll Bride}

Last but not least, the centerpiece.  This may be a little more obvious way to use our antlers, but boy there are some beautiful directions you can take them.

First, a more traditional floral look:

{Photo courtesy of The Desert Bride}

Do you want to think outside the box a bit?  How about sans flowers:

{Photo courtesy of Oh Lovely Day}

Or (my personal favorite) subtly placed antlers around some gorgeous succulents:

{Photo courtesy of Bows and Arrows}

Need some more ideas?  Make an appointment with Á LA CRATE for personalized advice!

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