Featured Item: Ladders

Our featured item this week is are our folding ladders (we love this shot of them in use above from Tim Tab Studios!). The two ladders that are now available to rent are an 8’H x 17″W Folding Ladder and 16’H x 17″W Scaffolding Ladder (yes, 16 FEET tall!). The ladders are a great way to create displays for photos, party favors, desserts, flowers, or you can also use them as a prop for a photo shoot!

Let’s start with those photos shoots. Props are a great way to add some interest and creativity to shoots. They’re good tools for the person BEING photographed. It gives them something to work with when posing (especially for non-models, this is super helpful). The photos below are good examples of how to use a ladder as a prop!

{photo courtesy of Genevieve Renee Wedding Photography}

{photos courtesy of Vogue Korea and Lovely}

One of my favorite ideas for our ladders is using them as a display like the picture below. Get creative with how you prepare the shelving! They used old shutters and washboards (which is brilliant) but you could also hunt down some salvaged wood at your local lumberyard or paint some old two by fours from your tool shed and arrange them on the ladder rungs to create shelves. ReStore is a great option locally here in Madison!

{photo courtesy of Pinterest}

Lastly, use the ladder rungs as shelves of their own for party favors or table assignments (like the photos below) or use them for photographs, flowers, or candles. The options are endless!

{photo courtesy of Whimsical Wonderland Wedding}

{photo courtesy of Pinterest}

Folding Ladder: Dimensions:  8’H x 17″W

Scaffolding Ladder: Dimensions: 16’H x 17″W