Featured Item: Mirrors

The featured item this week has a myriad of uses and we are very excited to share some photographs of how they have been used by our clients. Our mismatched gold mirrors come in assorted shapes and designs and, let me tell you, they aren’t just for displaying your perfume on your dresser anymore!

First, one of our favorite ways to use our mirrors is as a base for a centerpiece. Place your favorite flowers in a mason jar or a vase and place it on the mirror to maximize the elegance factor.

Photo credit: Errin Hiltbrand Photography

Photo credit: Photographs by Jenna Leigh

Photo Credit: Nikki N Photography

Having a whiskey bar at your next event?  How about using one of our mirrors as a tray!

Photo credit: Photographs by Jenna Leigh

Or use one (or two) as a tray to hold champagne flutes:

Photo Credit: Laura Zastrow Photography

We especially liked this great way of organizing place cards at a wedding. Placing them on a tray keeps them looking neat and makes for an eye-catching display for your guests.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Lloyd

We also really love to use our mirrors in the same way we use our chalkboards. Let us design some custom writing for you and we can do freehand writing or like this example, a custom decal for your signature drink!

Photo Credit: The Salty Peanut Photography

Please click through to all of the photographer’s websites for more images of their work. Our clients use only the best!

Happy Thursday!