Featured Item: Sewing Drawers

One of my favorite things about blogging for A LA CRATE is doing research. It is unbelievably fun to find so many cool ways to use something that had a totally different original purpose. Not only does it get my creative juices flowing, it is also exciting to be promoting a reduce/re-use/recycle ethos!

Today I am writing and featuring one of our favorite items at ALC: sewing drawers.   There are just so many ways to use these little vessels for all types of events.  My favorite idea is the one below (partly for its creative practicality and partly because ALC carries all, yes ALL, of the items needed to execute it).  Also, it is something that you could use for basically any event that you are serving food.  Unlike, my last post that promoted antlers for wedding décor, this idea would be great for a backyard BBQ, a rustic birthday bash, or a fun photo shoot featuring your catering business’ famous fried chicken and corn-on-the-cob!   So, what do you need from ALC to make this super chic D.I.Y. come together?  Let’s begin.

{Photo courtesy of Something Borrowed}

Sewing Drawers $5.50/each

Silver Plated Vintage Flatware $0.75/each

Milk Glass Vases $1.50/each

I hope that I have convinced you that sewing drawers are the best thing since sliced bread, but if not (and you are planning an event sans food) here are some other great ways to use them:

Planning to receive cards (birthday or otherwise)?  Try this:

{Photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty}

Need a container for holding your event programs?  A perfect solution:

{Photo courtesy of The Wedding Chicks}

Pretty party favors that need an equally pretty container? Take a look at this:

{Photo courtesy of Rustic Wedding Chic}

And last but not least, if you are looking for a creative centerpiece, here is a great idea (and ALC even has the milk bottles for $1/each):

{Photo courtesy of Wedding Wire}

If you would like to chat more about our sewing drawers or see them in person, give us a shout!

Until next time,