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• Curated collection of boho rentals to give your event just the right vibe*:
+ Rattan Sofa
+ Rattan Chair
+ Half Sphere Ryan Coffee Table
+ Peacock Chair
+ Wood Stump Side Tables (quantity: 2)
+ Gold White Nesting SET Side Tables
+ Apricot Spice Area Rug
+ Moroccan Pillows
+ Teal Velvet Round Pillows
+ Moroccan Throw
• SEATS 5-7 guests

*Subject to availability.


Boho conjures lots of things to lots of people. In basic format, it feels casual, airy and yet a bit elegant and even worldly.  You could be lounging in Southern WI or you could be chilling on another continent. Sometimes it is the best of both worlds that can help bring your guests face to face to talk old times or discover new connections. We hope that this lounge grouping will relax right into your venue, while giving you peace of mind that your guests will feel at home tucked amongst the Moroccan pillows and throw.

Photography: Tadsen Photography


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