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• Curated collection of eclectic rentals to make your event truly unique*:
+ Army Tent Sofa
+ Hairpin Stump Side Tables (quantity: 2)
+ Hairpin Stump Coffee Table
+ Orange Iron Wire Side Table
+ White Cali Pillow
+ White Velvet Lumbar Pillow
+ Vintage White Tulip Chairs (quantity: 2)
+ Army Tent Floor Cushions (quantity: 2)
+ Mint Metal Chairs (quantity: 2)
+ Geo Printed Rug
• SEATS 7-10 guests

*Subject to availability.

Rental Price: $801

1 in stock


Since half our year is spent under the cover of snow- invigorate your senses by bringing some West coast feels to your event space.  It’s fun, it’s carefree and it almost makes our lakes into an ocean 😉

Truly one of a kind pieces come together in this lounge, from our A La Made army tent sofa to the side stump and coffee stump tables cut from Monona trees it is the best of the Midwest while maintaining the WEST Coast vibes your sun starved guests crave.  Warm them up + party on!

Photo credit: Tadsen Photography


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