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Custom Lettering

(5 customer reviews)

• Wide variety of styles to choose from
• Ability to submit your own design via pdf
• See details below

A LA MADE GOODS | Madison, Wisconsin | Furniture + Goods | Made by Wisconsin Artists=   A LA MADE goods

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Q: Can we see examples of custom lettering?
A: You bet! We worked up a wide variety of styles to give you a starting place. Please see pdf linked here (note it is FIVE pages long). You are welcome to send over an email with inspiration as well.

Q: What does custom writing pricing look like?
A: It’s based on the size sign (board, window, mirror, etc.) you choose. Please see our breakdown below:
XS: $40, S: $78, M: $115, L: $157, XL: $195, XXL: $390, XL Seating (up to 150 names): $390, XXL Seating (150+ names): $760

Q: What if I want to submit my OWN design/PDF? For example, we have a logo that we would like incorporated…
A: Just follow these simple steps:
1. Ask A LA CRATE for your rental signage measurements.
2. Work with a layout savvy friend to create your design built to scale.
3. Submit a PDF (white background/black type) TWO weeks prior your event.
4. Pick up or have your final product delivered!

5 reviews for Custom Lettering

  1. Sarah

    I ordered a large caulk board and opted to have the company write my request since my writing looks like chicken scratch. When I say they went above and beyond they did! The day the made it for me, she texted me to confirm what I wanted. I had extra room at the bottom and instead of leaving it blank she contacted me again. Asked if I would like something and offered some options that she thought would look good. It was absolutely beautiful. The handwriting was stunning and the little boho decorations on the board was the perfect touch.

    • Sarah Mullins

      We were so glad you answered our text so quickly with feedback! It turned out awesome! Thank you for this great review Sarah!

  2. Callie

    I ordered custom lettering on a large chalkboard for a corporate event. It turned out beautifully! The host of the event was so surprised and delighted to see his logo presented in such a unique way. The process getting to a final design was so easy and the finished product was more than I could have hoped for. So many people at the party complimented the sign and kept asking “Where did this come from? Who did this artwork?” So needless to say, I made several plugs for a la crate that night 🙂 Thank you!!

  3. Samantha Aufderhaar

    We ordered custom lettering for signs used around our wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception decor. The lettering was absolutely beautiful and very creative. It looked even better in person than I had pictured it after shooting the font styles online. The foliage and other small details drawn around the border of the signs made it look extra elegant and tied all of our spaces together. Thank you!!

    • Sarah Mullins

      Thank YOU Samantha!

  4. Diana Preuschl

    We rented a custom lettered vintage mirror for our wedding to use as a kind of signpost for our guests. I saw some of the examples on the floor when we were there looking for another item, and even though it wasn’t in the original plan, I decided we needed to have one! The lettering and accent details were beautiful and done to our specifications. It really added a special touch to our ceremony. Thank you!

    • Sarah Mullins

      So glad Diana! Thank YOU!

  5. Amber Terkel

    STUNNING! Our custom lettering for the gold ornate XL mirror truly was breathtaking! You get to choose from so many options of lettering, there is a style for everyone! The attention to detail was amazing, so happy we added custom lettering to our rental!

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