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Great Outdoors

• Curated collection of some of our favorite pieces*. Perfect paired with Event Essentials NEW Glamping Tent!
+ Velvet Blush Pillows (quantity: 2)
+ Peacock Chairs (quantity: 2)
+ Metal Wood Side Tables (quantity: 2)
+ Metal Wood Coffee Tables (quantity: 2)
+ Woven Banana Stools (quantity: 4)
+ Maroon Blue Rug
+ Army Tent Floor Cushion
+ Chartreuse Velvet Cushions (quantity: 3)
+ Moroccan Pillows (quantity: 4)
• Seats 8-10 guests

*Subject to availability.


Getting back to the basics and leaning in on conversations with Mother Nature.  Share your event under the stars and take in the site/sights and sounds that can come from really being at one with the space.  Instead of taking it up a notch, just relax and take it in, one nice long breath at a time. There’s strength in getting your feet in the grass, get back to where you grow from.

Styled Photo(s): Natural Intuition Photography


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