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Sofa: grey MCM


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• Commercial grade upholstery fabric
• Tufted back rest
• Mid-century modern design

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Every great party needs a good MC. This master of ceremonies can fit in anywhere! Its industrial grade upholstery stands up to the toughest of guests.

Styled Photo(s): Natural Intuition Photography

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Dimensions 75.5 × 32 × 30 in

2 reviews for Sofa: grey MCM

  1. Hammond

    Let me tell you about this couch. THIS is the kind of couch that you want at your event because 1. it makes those who sit on it look so gooooood (especially if they have sunglasses on) and 2. if the party goes on a little too long its a great couch to take a snooze on and recharge. Its mid century handsome and gray in color – its not there to demand attention or be obnoxious. Its there to say ‘ these people have good taste and know how to party’ with class.’ so just rent it already – before someone else does and you end up having #liferegrets.

    • Sarah Mullins

      Hammond… thank you. 🙂

  2. Loren

    Another great addition to our “soft seating” area. This couch was so soft and inviting! I was covered in people all night. 🙂

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