Heritage - A La Crate Rentals



• Curated collection of timeless rentals to class up the joint!*:
+ Chester Sofa
+ Field Sofa
+ Metal Wood Side Tables (quantity: 2)
+ Metal Wood Coffee Table
+ Teal MCM Chairs (quantity: 2)
+ Maroon Blue Vintage Rug
• SEATS ~6 guests

*Subject to availability.


The cousins (Chester + Field) and the mod twins (Teal Mod Chairs) come together for this lovely grouping. I like to think this is our nod to all around classic furniture grouping. This feels very much like our gold standard for a lounge package.  We hope you will like these pieces all together too, please check in to see if this carefully curated crew are all available for your next event.

Photography: Natural Intuition Photography


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