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Jewel Box

• Curated collection of some of our favorite pieces*:
+ Evergreen Velvet Sofa
+ Clear Coffee Table (quantity: 1)
+ Clear Side Tables (quantity: 2)
+ Mauve MCM Chairs (quantity:2)
+ Blue Runner Rug

• Seats 5 guests

*Subject to availability.


Always here for the jewel tone color pallet!  We thought we’d bring a new fall/winter grouping together that combined some of our favorite deep hues with a few unexpected but all too luxurious touches.  Enter evergreen velvet sofa– you always pull our heart strings!  The mauve MCM chairs also make our hearts sing while our blue runner is a vintage favorite and we are enjoying using the length to play up the lounge shape.  Jewel Box, we think we love you!  AND as a testament to being Better Together with Event Essentials, we are combining our inventory in this grouping, peek those acrylic tables to apply an unexpected finish to the lounge.  Just like our inventories combined- your rental experience and your rentals should allow you to take it easy.  Finding it all in one place- should make implementing your vision better!


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