DIY: Yarn-Wrapped Antlers

A La Crate Rentals Wedding Centerpiece
After my last post on antlers, I decided I wanted to try my hand at one of the DIY ideas I found.  I really love the beauty of antlers as they are, but wrapping some yarn around them to give a little texture and color seemed liked a cool way to do something a little different with them!

I started with three of ALC’s medium sized antlers (at $4 each) and some yarn from my on-and-off again knitting hobby (try local craft stores for other yarn options). I decided to layer a few different yarns with an earthy color palette and that had some texture to them. I started at the bottom of the antler and tied a knot to attach it. I wound the yarn around and around until I got to the top of the antler where I tied it off again.  Then, I just did a second and third layer of two other yarns. Once I had the antlers finished I placed them around each other to create a little nest.

Here are a couple of different ways to style the centerpiece once you are done!  I love Hydrangeas and you can get a bouquet at Trader Joe’s for $5.99.  I used two bouquets for my centerpiece and added a couple of candles to pull together this very simple (and inexpensive!) centerpiece.  Hydrangeas tend to wilt fairly quickly, so I would recommend checking with a florist on tips to keeping them fresh or slip them in some little water vases.  You might want to leave this one decorative and not light the candles (we don’t want your flowers to go up in smoke!) or electric candles are another option.

To create an option with lit candles, the set of five candles I bought on my last trip to IKEA ($9.99) worked perfectly.

So, in review!

3 antlers from ALC

2-3 balls of yarn

1-2 bouquets of your favorite flowers

2-6 candles

Questions about our antlers?  Email ALC at or give us a call at 608-669-2541.

Until next time,