With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I thought I would share a custom project with you that I hold near and dear to my heart. Ever wonder what to do with all of your mismatched frames in your attic? Keep the vintage ones that are in great shape, but consider building something out of the others.

This is a holiday window display we designed and built for Monroe Street Framing, in Madison, Wisconsin back in 2010. Love it. Frame it. was the tagline.

Thirty mismatched reclaimed frames, primed, painted red with three varying finishes (matte, gloss and shimmer) and assembled into one gigantic heart (five feet wide)!

What the photos don’t show though, is what happened immediately after the window was installed. Tired, but ecstatic that it all came together smoothly, we stepped outside to admire our handiwork and before I knew it, Jeff proposed with the heart as the backdrop.

In hindsight, some may call it cheesey…proposing in front of a heart and all. But the message we both keep with us is to remember to follow our hearts.

Maybe this year, instead of Valentine’s Day being all about gifts, we could remember that it’s all about the heart. What you heart, doing things that you heart and following your heart.

In a nutshell…having heart.