Hipster Party Tabletop Recipe

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Happy summer everyone! Here we are in the thick of July (almost August!) – just in time for you to throw a backyard party for your closest friends. There must be something to celebrate, right? Remember the post I did a couple of weeks back featuring our great backyard party idea?  Well, today I am going to provide an easy-to-follow recipe for our tabletop that you can use for your own party!

When creating our centerpiece, using our “hipster” theme as inspiration, we came up with the idea to include a Polaroid camera that our guests could use to snap photos of each other during the party. We then added some oak bases, a couple of antlers, and a few flower frogs to hold the photos.  We also made some delicious mint and raspberry infused water in two half gallon milk bottles to provide hydration and add a pop of color to the table.  This is a super easy, creative table top that you could use for any party theme!  Here is what you need:

Now here is the breakdown of items needed for this tabletop recipe (including some additional items from ALC that are not mentioned above and links to finding the non-ALC items):

5 Oak Bases ($2.50/ea)

2-3 Antlers ($4/ea)

3-5 Flower Frogs ($3.50/ea)

1 Harvest Table ($90/ea)

8 Chairs ($5.50/ea)

Other items:

Polaroid Camera

Kraft Paper

Hope you have a great time at your next party!


P.S.  For the infused water, I added one package of mint and about 3/4 of a small package of raspberries. Just make sure to put them on the top of the water, rather than at the bottom of the bottle, so that the raspberries don’t fall apart before your guests arrive.