Inspiration to Reality

Let’s start broad. General-to-specific (something you’ll hear me say often!). This simple guiding phrase, sums up the philosophy A LA CRATE lives by. At its most basic, it is a reminder to focus on big picture questions first… then the details. In practice though, it takes on ever-evolving forms. But most often, and most importantly, it is the principle we turn to when creating. In short, it looks something like this:

1. Start broad with what you know, with what you love.

We loved this photo, but how were we going to bring the cozy feeling, warm colors and mountainous feel to a bridal show? Overwhelmed? Yes.

Let’s go to the next step.

2. Think big, gather information, mix it up, pair the unexpected.

Make a mood board! With the Jackson Hole image for inspiration, we pulled out key words (cool blues + gold/brass + cozy + masculine) that we wanted to stay true to. When making decisions, we would always come back and reference these words. Is it in our color palette or does it compliment it well (sometimes, frankly…is the color in the photo at all?…if yes, use it!)?

This stage is incredibly helpful to see all of your ideas in one place. Pinterest is wonderful, but I don’t know about you…sometimes I get overwhelmed with too many images. I like to create my own board in Adobe InDesign (or any layout program would work well too).

Now it’s time to share your ideas with your team! If you look closely you’ll see that we broke down the columns of inspiration by each vendor that we were working with. Cupcakes A-Go-Go on dessert. Paper Piper Designs for stationary, Event Essentials for plates, napkins and stemware, Vera’s House of Bridal for the wedding dress and bridesmaid dress and Nedrebo’s for the suit! You could do this same thing for your wedding, party, event or project!

3. Get specific! Make decisions, edit, make it yours.

We had an awesome team and everyone was receptive to ideas and ready to brainstorm to bring ideas to life and make them their own! This is important. The goal of a mood board is NOT TO COPY the ideas from it exactly. It is to use them for inspiration so that the designer, YOU, can bring all of these different mediums together for a cohesive feel.

Be open to change. Embrace it! But keep updating your mood board along the way as decisions are made. One decision can often influence another, so BE FLEXIBLE. When you are, the end result is often that much stronger.

4. Bring it to life!

Setting up and seeing ideas come to life is one of my favorite things to do. Remember the last point about being flexible. This is especially important when you are setting up. Spaces can be larger/smaller in reality than what they are in your head at times, or perhaps you didn’t take that “wall” into consideration when brainstorming! That’s all okay and just roll with it the best you can.

Here are some images of our booth come to life. Thank you to each vendor involved and to Larry Johnson for your Jackson Hole photo that inspired the entire booth!

A La Crate Vintage Rentals Owners, Jeff and Sarah Mullins

A La Crate Fireplace Mantel + Wall

A La Crate Blue Velvet Chair

A La Crate Vintage Rentals Overture Booth 2013

A La Crate Vintage Rentals Harvest Table + Bench

A La Crate Brass Candle Holders Lit

Cupcakes A Go-Go Tarts

Paper Piper Designs Stationary

Vera's House of Bridal Bridesmaid Dress

Nedrebo's Suit and Vera's House of Bridal Gown