PBR + PBJ Bar Recipe

PBJ photoshoot
Welcome to part two of our how to throw your own backyard party … hipster style. Last time, I featured the recipe for the main tabletop, this time I will give you the “ingredients” for our PBJ bar. Everybody loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so they are a no-brainer for a casual, fun party. Throw in some fruit, chips, and your favorite pickled veggies and you have a great little outdoor picnic. Food aside, the next (and best) part is creating a beautiful table as a backdrop. Fortunately, A LA CRATE has you covered.

Our very first inspiration for this party started with their great, totally old-school cafeteria trays. Just like you had back in third grade, these trays are both nostalgic and perfectly practical for a lunch of PBJs. For displaying our sandwiches (that were beautifully made by Crema Café in Monona) we used an extra large oak base and the adorable bags of chips fit perfectly in two small cheese boxes. The silver dough bowl was ideal for our Boylan Sodas and PBRs and the slate chalk board (featuring custom writing) tied it all together.

Like the last recipe, here is the breakdown of items needed for this PBJ bar recipe (including some additional items from ALC that are not mentioned above):

Lunch Trays $2/ea.

Small Cheese Boxes $4/ea.

Slate Chalk Board $8 (plus custom writing – prices vary with size)

Antlers $4/ea.

Harvest Table $90/ea.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!