Custom Signage

The process for custom lettering starts with picking out a chalkboard (or mirror for that matter!). Some things to keep in mind are size, personal aesthetic (we have a lot of options) and how it will be displayed. For this example we are using an easel, but we also have birdcage stands which work well for hanging medium-sized chalkboards. Note the image above on our metal tabletop easel and writing on our wood small sign! This awesome photo is courtesy of Maison Meredith Photography.

Once you have a board reserved, the next step is emailing us the text that you want on your chalkboard (we ask for this two weeks before your event). For this recipe, we decided to feature a menu chalkboard that we recently did for Anna and Ryan’s wedding reception. Here is a screen grab of the Word document they emailed over:

This is also a good time to send us any inspiration you have for what you want the writing to look like. Note, we can do the method you will see spelled out below, or we also have an incredible illustrator on board who can freehand your boards! Once we have all the details from you, we take over for a little bit, turning fantasy into reality! We will send you a PDF with a few different layouts and font options. Remember to proof closely! The great part about this step is that everyone can see what the final design will look like. Check spelling and make sure you love it! At this point, you take over again and either, give us your approval, or if you would like us to make some revisions, we can do that too! We ask for a final design to be chosen by the Friday before your event.

And how do we get that on your chalkboard you ask? Well, once we have the design approved, we create a custom stencil which we lay down on the chalkboard and fill in with chalk markers (don’t worry, they’re relatively smudge-proof!). Once it dries, we will wrap it up for you until pick-up or delivery!

So, here is the breakdown of what the ingredients are for this recipe:

Easel $12/ea.

Chalkboard $6-$60/ea.

Custom Writing $25-$500 depending on size of chalkboard (price includes custom lettering, materials and time).

We hope this gives you some ideas of how to use chalkboards for your next event! Check out our Facebook photo album for more examples of our custom writing – it isn’t just for menus!

In fact, here are a few of the other boards that Anna and Ryan had us create for their wedding! Thank you The Salty Peanut Photography for sharing images!

Our Pre-written Gifts Chalkboard:

Gifts Pre-Written Chalkboard

Three-paned windows hinged for seating assignments:

Three Window Panes Hinged for Custom Writing


Pre-written Photobooth Chalkboard:

Pre-written Photobooth Chalkboard

Gold Narrow XL Chalkboard on Wood Peg Easel, monogram at top designed by Emily Balsley!

Welcome/Timeline Chalkboard

Photo credit: The Salty Peanut Photography