Wisconsin Wedding Lounge Ideas

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When boiled down, the wedding of two people is really the beginning of lots of new relationships. New friends, old friends, and new family come together at an event to celebrate THE couple but the experiences of guests can also be sparked in these moments. A lounge space can harbor each of these scenarios and allow them to be at EASE or just take it EASY. Who isn’t more themselves in a space that feels like their own living room?

Through lounge rentals, timeless furniture pieces become the backdrop to the fun, photos and laughter that the day will provide.

We love everything about the below image from Nick and Emma’s Norskedalen wedding taken by Ray + Kelly Photographers. This couple also get bonus creative points for making a long head table into a dual sweetheart table just by adding our French linen sofa. Plus it seats two, perfectly. (Well two + one cute little friend- I can’t tell you how many times I looked at this image before I noticed the dog.)


Photo credit: Ray + Kelly|Styling: Canvas Weddings|French Linen Sofa Rental: A LA CRATE Rentals

The same wedding at Norskedalen also built the below lounge set up and we love all the layers and surfaces making this a rich, outdoor space. Outdoor Wisconsin doesn’t need a ton of help, but practicalities are appreciated by guests. A place to kick up your heels and a spot to rest a beverage are bases well covered.


Photo credit: Ray + Kelly|Styling: Canvas Weddings|Chester Sofa, Rugs, Industrial Cart and Pillow Rental: A LA CRATE Rentals

In large venues, we often see couples warm up a corner with some soft seating. Chester and Field are right at home at The Lageret in Stoughton, WI. Your guests will have that same feeling when they gather around the coffee table to make first intros, renew acquaintances or hug loved ones.  Or cater the space to folks who just need a moment off the dance floor to catch their breath and prep for the next line dance.

Photo credit: Van Gachnang Photography| Chester, Field Sofas, and Industrial Cart Rental: A LA CRATE Rentals

Venues with patios are another space that can benefit from a few seating items. This can offer guests a bit of a rest while enjoying a beverage at cocktail hour or a spot for the grandparents to take a little rest through out the evening. One of our absolute favorite reasons a bride once gave for renting a sofa was that she wanted a place to sit down with her grandma mid evening 🙂 (Cue the warm-fuzzies and your photographers for that image!)


Photo credit: Audre Rae Photography| Mid Century Modern Teal Chair Rental: A LA CRATE Rentals

Soft seating can also become a great photo backdrop. An especially transportable piece like a side chair can be carried out into nature (weather willing… more to come on that topic.) and used to capture the couple or individual newlyweds.  The below styled shoot at Aztalan Park is just one lovely example of how a photographer can utilize a chair or sofa rental.

Photo credit: Molly Jo Collection|Styling: Mint + Lovely Studios|Mid Century Modern Teal Chair Rental: A LA CRATE Rentals

There is of course some logistics and practicality with renting furniture for an outdoor set up.  We greatly appreciate your help in maintaining the quality and structure of our pieces (and so do other’s who have them rented!) So, please consider your rain contingent plan if you are renting.  Do you have a tent? Have you considered what you might do if the ground is wet?  No one wants rain on an important date, but then no one wants to pay for reupholstering either.  SO, think ahead, have a couple of extra large tarps on hand.  Those are great to place down on wet ground before you put down a rug and set up a lounge.  And have a dry one to double cover things at the close of the evening.  Put a designated driver of sorts on the job!  Or have a crew to help move things inside overnight (our favorite!) Ask us lots of questions, we want this to work for you!

The styled shoot below features our classic MCM grey sofa and some of our textile accents.  Natural Intuition’s photo eye worked to capture the lighting and breeze of this moment. Ciré Alexandria styled and modeled for this shoot.  It looks effortless, and  it can feel that way too, if planned well ahead of time!

Photo credit: Natural Intuition Photography| Grey MCM Sofa and Pillow Rental: A LA CRATE Rentals

Photo credit: Natural Intuition Photography| Grey MCM Sofa and Pillow Rental: A LA CRATE Rentals

Photo credit: Natural Intuition Photography| Grey MCM Sofa and Pillow Rental: A LA CRATE Rentals

Camp Wandawega and our rentals seem like long lost pals.  Here a small grouping cluster under the tents at the tennis court to provide guests with a little place to lounge after they play some of the camp themed games on the lawn or post hatchet throwing. Really- our rentals have ALL the fun!

Photo credit: Madeline Druce Photography| Mint Sofa, Maroon Blue Rug, Coffee Table and Chair Rental: A LA CRATE Rentals

When we can find matching sets, we snatch them up. Just get the sofa, side chair and a table and you have all you really need. You can push this by adding in some extras like decor, floral, or pieces that say something about the event.

Photo credit: Paper Antler Photography| Ivory Pattern Sofa and Chair Rental: A LA CRATE Rentals