ANNOUNCEMENT  👏  ee + ALC = Better Together!

Better Together Neon
Credits: Heather Cook Elliott Photography for Charlie + Abby’s wedding designed by Pink Door Events

We all know “that couple”. They’ve been “friends” forever. From the outside it’s obvious. They are a natural pair. “Just date already!” Once they do, you hear wedding bells in the distance.

This is not all that different from our relationship with Event Essentials. We’ve been working together for years. Showing up at all of the same events, weddings, corporate parties and shindigs across the state. We collaborate as often as possible and truly compliment one another’s inventory. New + old. Tried + true. 

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we are better together! 

Introducing… A LA CRATE RENTALS as the Boutique Division of Event Essentials. 

A healthy marriage of respect and admiration. We complement one another’s inventory and teams so well.

As any relationship, our goal is not to change either division but bring out the best in one another.

I’m sure you are wondering, “What will change?” 

Great question. Short answer… not much!

Though we are now technically one company, we are TWO separate divisions. Courtney will remain your contact here. I am the Director of Boutique Rentals. Anna will still be rocking our social. 

Inventory? Still the pieces you love + only improving!Leaning into our creativity and plotting more collaborations with local makers, unearthing one-of-a-kind treasures + helping your events shine.✨

Because we are so excited, we’re offering a special promotion when you reserve with A LA CRATE + Event Essentials. 🙌 BOOK BOTH and get 10% off new reservations!* *Standard terms + conditions apply. Offer good thru March 31, 2021.

More Questions + Answers: 

Q: Who’s Event Essentials? 
A: Think of Event Essentials (ee) as the bigger rental company. They have EVERYTHING. You know when you are kind of annoyed that we don’t carry X, Y, Z (aka: linens, more flatware, stemware offerings, etc.). Well…they have you covered. And by covered, we mean to say they carry FABULOUS tents and then some!  

Q: Is Event Essentials a franchise?
A: No siree Bob. Event Essentials is locally and family owned since 1954. You can read more about their history HERE.

Q: Will anything change with my existing reservation/in-store credit?
A: All reservations and in-store credits are honored. Just let us know if you need to add anything else!

Q: Can you combine my delivery/retrieval fees?
A: Wouldn’t that be cool?! Some day we hope to be able to offer that. For now, we remain two separate divisions at different locations. Each having our own labor costs and overhead expenses to keep in mind. Delivery/retrieval fees will remain separate for each company. However, it’s a great time to take advantage of our BOOK BOTH incentive for added savings from both divisions!

Q: I have an order with one division but not the other. How do I take advantage of your Book Both offer?
A: Simply enter your information HERE and we’ll be in touch!

Q: Will you still do the Annual Dock Sale?
A: You betcha! 

Any additional questions/concerns? We want to hear them. We are here for you and want to bring us all together some day SOON. Now, more than ever. 

Better together,
Sarah Mullins
Director of Boutique Rentals
A La Crate Rentals Founder

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A to Z RentAll & Sales – 2209 S Stoughton Rd, Madison, WI 53716
Founded in 1954, A to Z RentAll carries an extensive selection of rental tools, including construction equipment rentals, aerial lift rentals, concrete and masonry rentals, landscaping rentals, property maintenance rentals and much more.

EVENT ESSENTIALS – 6485 Blanchar’s Crossing, Windsor, WI 53598
From event design to tents, chairs, tableware, decor and more, Event Essentials has the rental inventory and expertise to make your event a success. Our rental services help complete any corporate party, non-profit fundraising gala, community celebration or social event alike. We supply everything but the guest!

A LA CRATE Rentals – 2619 Industrial Drive, Monona, WI 53713
A boutique event rental company. Comprised of thoughtfully curated MADE (hand crafted by local artists) + FOUND (vintage, one-of-a-kind) rentals. Everything from 8-foot harvest tables, wood benches and folding chairs, vintage rugs + furniture for lounge areas, custom lettering for signage + more.