Our New Digs: AFTER

A La Crate Vintage Rentals Madison Wisconsin
We are so excited to finally share the AFTER photos of our new location! It has been a long road to get to this point, but we are so happy with the end result. Just to refresh your memory, THIS is what it looked like before. And HERE is how we got to the final product. So, without further ado, may we present our new A LA CRATE Vintage Rentals location at 2619 Industrial Drive, Monona, Wisconsin 53713.
When you walk up the first thing you will see is the front steps that were rebuilt by Jeff and our dear friend Joe, out of salvaged galvanized pipe, cedar and reclaimed barn wood. No more crumbling cement!

Just through the front door is the office area. This is where Sarah will be when she isn’t in the showroom with customers brewing up creative ideas for your next big event!

We have had this filing rack for years (below left) in our basement and finally found a great use for it. We just love when that happens – I guess that is why we do what we do for a living! We also now have a place for local businesses to share their business cards, pamphlets, etc. (below right).  

Our new space has tons of sunshine and great breezes. We are crossing our fingers that the breezes keep up, because we currently do not have air conditioning and there is going to be one super hot pregnant girlie in here this summer otherwise!

There is so much of Jeff’s handiwork on display in our front office – look at those amazing reclaimed wood ceilings (above) and check out the new ALC star (below left)! One of the things that you may remember from our post about the inspiration for our new space was that we wanted to introduce some live plants to soften up all of the concrete and wood. We just love this droopy “Pilea” (below right)!

Remember that nasty bathroom? Well, look at it now!

You will also see the beginning of an inspiration wall. We are constantly finding inspiration and now we can finally hang it up! One of our favorite features of our new space is that practically EVERY wall is magnetic. 

Kiddy corner is our chalkboard wall that Sarah designed and wrote as a menu of sorts. Want to know how things work at ALC? Read the wall!

In the middle of the room is the table we wrote about way back when. Here is where we will congregate with clients to brainstorm ideas and hammer out the details of your event!

All of the linens now have mismatched wood vintage hangers that Amber found for us and we have the mismatched china displayed on the wall.

The showroom is organized by material (glass, metal, wood, textiles, etc.) All of our vases and glassware are displayed by type for easy comparison and access. 

And FINALLY, the warehouse!


Immediately on your right when you walk into the warehouse is a display with hinged walls for our chalkboards.

And then lots of storage and shelving! We have so much space now for our goodies, it is pretty darn exciting!

On the left wall of the warehouse, for easy pick up and drop offs, there is a large sliding door that leads to the loading dock. When you come for your order, simply back up to the dock and one of us will be out to go over your order with you at your designated time.

Well, we hope that all of you are as excited as we are for our new home. Swing by anytime for an in person tour!