Our New Digs: BEFORE

Before Photo
First, here are a few more pictures of the space from the outside. Not much to look at: peeling paint, crumbling stairs, and more than a little rust around the edges. But, keep in mind, we search for cool, old stuff for a living. We felt confident that all this place needed was a little TLC to become the modern, functional space we needed to grow our business.

The inside was also pretty rough, but we know good bones when we see them and we loved the layout of a front office with an attached showroom, large warehouse space for all of our inventory, and the best part: a loading dock! Here are a couple of shots of the office (just inside our front door):

To the right upon entering in the front door (just off the office) is the future showroom. In the picture below, the front office is through the doorway.

Below is a view of the showroom from the front office:

Also off the office is a bathroom, and though this picture is pretty hideous, we just had to include it so you could appreciate how cool our new bathroom is!

And last, but certainly not least, is the warehouse:

Now that you have seen our new space in all its “vintage” glory, check back next week for the AFTER pictures. We promise you that you will not be disappointed!