Welcome Courtney!

WI wedding centerpiece rental
1. We love your style Courtney and know you are a fan of thrifting. What are your favorite places to shop locally?

I am a big fan of most thrift stores, but if I have to pick favorites, I would likely go with the Bethesda House, the Treasure Mart and St. Vinny Dig and Save. Bethesda is the closest to home and great for clothes and craft supplies. The Treasure Mart is fun because you never exactly know what you will pay, items are on consignment and prices decrease the longer an item is there and the Dig and Save is about patience and fun people interactions, plus whatever amazing textile item unearth’s itself.

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2. What’s that?! You MAKE some of your clothes?! Incredible. Tell us more about your background, blog and etsy store… 

I went to the University of Oklahoma for a painting degree and then continued my studies outside of St. Louis at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  There I studied textiles and made work that was mostly performance and installation based. Most often a performance was based off of a garment, created out of a multitude of textile materials. I really fell in love with knitting and the techniques that can be used to manipulate wool during this time. I still really love knitting and enjoy the long Wisconsin winters that allow the hand knit to be worn just a little longer than I was previously used to.
In married life, my husband and I both strive to keep our passion for the handmade alive by blogging about our remodel, D.I.Y. and many craft projects at: http://www.woolenwood.blogspot.com. Additionally we have begun to sell our wares on Etsy, we have a shop that suits our two pursuits, Wool Wood.

3. What did you make for your own wedding and how did you incorporate some of the ALC rentals?

My husband was responsible for folding MANY origami flowers for the table arrangements. I sewed my dress, detachable train and used my mom’s veil in order to create an updated version for myself.  I also made all the boutonnieres and the bouquets for the bridal party. Things that I had made in school were incorporated into the decor. The backdrop to the ceremony was created from a welded sculpture of mine with two whiskey barrels capping the ends.  Our table centerpieces were created using ALC’s assorted color print linens and oak bases with xs clear glass bottles. We were able to really allow the origami to show off with this simple display, and we had been able to test it out ahead of time with the ALC studio time.

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Thanks for answering these questions Courtney! We are thrilled to have you on board and so excited for everyone to get to meet you!

Sarah & Jeff