Wood Crate Photo Display

Window dressing is a bit of a lost art, one that we would love to rekindle here in Madison. It’s something that I (Sarah) have done in the past and though challenging, am ridiculously drawn to.

When Mike and Heather Krakora, owners of Krakora Studios, approached us about doing a holiday window display, I couldn’t wait to dig in. They have such great windows to work with, not to mention awesome photography!

Mike and I brainstormed ideas at the warehouse one day and at some point he mentioned having a collection of vintage cameras. I must not have fully understood just how wonderful they were because when I saw them in person, I’m pretty positive my jaw dropped. They are incredible!

We ended up thinking that images inside a crate wall would be ideal with the camera collection, some antlers, greenery and lights. So we started with the base layer and I brought a truckful of crates over and started building. I’ll have to ask my Dad if I was into Legos or building blocks as a child. It is so much fun to play around with crates until you get them balanced just right!

Here is a photo of where we ended up after step one:

And here is where we ended up after the images arrived and were set into place:

A few details shot of our bowl blank rentals as bases for the camera, crates, antlers and of course one of Mike’s cameras!

If you are on Monroe Street in the next few months, keep an eye out! And if you run into Mike, ask him if he’d consider selling those cameras so that we could all share in their greatness. 😉

Happy Holidays!